morocco part 3: marrakech.

Feb 26, 2014

Marrakech was busy, with plenty of pushy sales people, food stands everywhere and exotic animals in odd places. We had some bad luck with our food and restaurant choices there, which clouds our whole Marrakech experience a bit. Especially since we are people that plan their trips around food. Don't get me wrong, it is such a special city and definitely worth a visit. I guess it was just a typical case of expectations being too high. One of my favourite spots though, was le jardin, a beautiful cafe in the heart of town with the dreamiest and most relaxing garden. I could have played with the turtles all day.


Niken :

what an interesting place!

Priscilla :

Food is easily 50% of my experience when I visit a place. I am so sorry for the few unfortunate choices. It is the risk we run when we visit somewhere new to us. My expectations for my someday visit to Morocco are undoubtedly far too high. :) Glad you had the good experiences too. Wonderful images!

Melinda DiOrio :

Great photos! I love travel photos that give a glimpse of everyday life. Wonderful!

Ashlae :

We plan our trips around food, too - happy we're not the only ones. ;) Beautiful photos AND you're making me feel a bit better than we decided against going to Marrakech at the end of our trip. But sorry about the bad food experiences, those can really ruin a place.

Hope all is well on your side of the world, lady. Hi to Martin!

Anna :

At least it must have been a feast of colors, sounds and sights!

Barbara :

Marrakech looks so wonderful! might visit one day

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