morocco part 1.

Jan 22, 2014

M and I set out to Morocco at the beginning of January to escape the winter weather for two weeks. We spent the first few days in a little fisher village in the south called Taghazout, doing exactly what we set out to: catch some waves, eat, read and sleep a lot. When showering becomes optional and your hair turns into salty dreads, that's when you know the real vacation has started.

All images curtesy of the iPhone, aka perfect in a pinch. A few more shots on my Instagram, if you wanna follow along.


Anna :

Oh I love it!!! So good to see your posts again and Morocco looks like the perfect place to be in mid-January :)

Priscilla :

Oooohhhh, these are wonderful! Deeply jealous of your proximity, that a short flight takes you here! I can take a short flight from the center of the United States, and go somewhere lovely, but I will still be in the US! It just doesn't feel like the same level of escape... :) Enjoy the rest of your time! I'd love to tag along on Instagram! :)

Angela :

Holy crap that looks awesome! Morocco is definitely on my 'must visit soon' list. Want to hear all about it when we meet for tea!

Rebekka :

Oh, what I wouldn't give.... :)

christel :

love your images.

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