random reader.

Jun 29, 2013

Hi guys, just a quick hello and a friendly reminder about Google Reader shutting down next Monday, July 1st.
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I sincerely apologize for the untypical post, but what can I say, I like you guys and would love for you to hang around. At least there is a picture of our living room table, where I spend most of my time eating and working, being hunched over my laptop because the chairs aren't back-friendly, but I don't want to get other ones. Now you know that too, aren't you glad?

picnic by the water.

Jun 27, 2013
Last week, after a long day behind the computer screen, it was high time to get out of the house. Dinner on a tray ready to go, we set out to a place by the water not far from our place. The air was so thick and humid, within minutes our picnic blanket was damp. We watched the sun set through the haze and walked back home, moments before the rain set in.


Jun 24, 2013
These beautiful wildflowers greeted me the other week, when I returned home after a family visit to Germany. Better than all the bought bouquets in the world, dried roses coming in a close second.

cozy mornings.

Jun 22, 2013
While everyone was dancing in summer solstice, Amsterdam is greeting the start of summer in typical dutch fashion: buckets of rain and a ten degree drop in temperature.
However, on a Saturday morning with no place to be and no to-do lists to check off, I don't mind the rain one bit. It just means cozy sweaters, coffee on the stove, candles lit and chill music playing. Homemade jam and croissants don't hurt either. Have a beautiful weekend everyone.


Jun 3, 2013
I finally found the time to put my portfolio online. It is still a work in progress, but a fun one for sure. Have a look, if you like!