how to roast your own chestnuts.

Oct 24, 2013
On the weekend we usually go on a nice morning walk towards the east of the city. We have a semi-regular route to one of our favourite cafes, coffee bru. It's the perfect distance. You know, far enough from the house so you feel like you got in a good walk, but not so far that you are famishing and getting cranky halfway. And it's a pretty walk, too, along the water and with lots of trees and all. It was on this walk, that we spotted chestnut trees for the first time a few weeks back. The chestnuts were still hanging on the tree in their green and spiky shell, but we vowed to be back when they were ready to be collected. Last Sunday was the day and we filled our bag to the brim with little brown chestnuts. It was so much fun and reminded me of my childhood, collecting herbs and mushrooms and such with my Mama. That night we munched our chestnuts while watching Sleepless in Seattle. So, so nice.

Roast your own chestnuts

1. Collect only pretty looking chestnuts, without mold or little holes.
2. Rinse your chestnuts with warm water and pat dry.
3. With scissors or a small knife, cut off the wispy ends on the top.
4. From the top, carve a cross-shaped cut in the skin.
5. Put chestnuts on a baking sheet and roast them at 200°C for about 20-25 minutes.
6. Once the cut is nice and open and the shell is a dark colour it's time to take them out.

They're best enjoyed warm, fresh from the oven. Peel away!


Anna :

Just what I needed after craving edible memories of Lisbon for so long. Chestnuts was a thing I just snacked before dinner on my way home through the city! Love it, Maja!

Christina :

I love roasted chestnuts and eating roasted chestnuts while watching Sleepless in Seattle sounds like a perfect night to me! I'll have to make these soon.

Barbara :

Great tip!! here in madrid is very typical to buy roasted chestnuts when the winter comes and eat them while having a walk, specially while exploring the christmas market!

Christine :

I keep spotting beautiful shiny chestnuts in the streets.. next time I'll have to take some home with me and try roasting them! And maybe watch Sleepless in Seattle too. ;)

Camila Faria :

Unfortunately we don't have chestnut trees here, so I must "pick" mine in the local supermarket. ;)
I have a chestnut soup recipe I'm dying to try.

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