adventures in city gardening.

Oct 15, 2013

Hard to believe that these pictures were taken only a few weeks back, before the autumn gloom and rainy days took over the land. This little jungle of a garden has been such a treasure to us all summer long. My Mama gave it a complete overhaul back in May and every month, whenever new blooms showed up in an undiscovered corner, I wondered whether she planted and placed it all deliberately or just had pure luck. In any case, this green haven provided us such pleasures; early morning coffees in the sun, late afternoon wine and snacks on the grass, homegrown cherry tomatoes, fresh peppermint for tea and five (!) apples of our own. And would you look at that rose! We had fun playing gardeners, taking care of our little tomato plants like we knew what we were doing (They ended up growing into the tree, pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to be). With hot chocolate season fast approaching and months of cold ahead though, it's time to put away the garden shovel and scissors. Until next spring sweet garden. 


Anna :

So so so lovely, Maja! Gorgeous! I am hooked on gardening, and I'm glad you guys are too! For sure we will need a farm when we'll start our mass production of tomatoes ;) don't you think?

Corina Nika :

So many beautiful colors!! Great photography :)

Barbara :

Lovely colors! it is amazing that colors have changed so quickly

JaneA :

What gorgeous photos! I think what makes gardens so wonderful is that we have so few months to appreciate them before winter comes. That rose is gorgeous! X Jane

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