Aug 29, 2013

France is just always a good idea it seems. Our week in Normandy was nothing but absolute unwinding; reading fiction, eating amazing food, swimming in the ocean, walking, sleeping. I loved exploring the area, with its enchanted, castle like houses and massive cliffs stretching along the coast. For the first time in so long, time seemed to pass at a much slower rate. You know how as a kid the week before Christmas felt like a lifetime? Kind of like that, this week in France felt, but in a good way. Like, go on vacation for a week but it feels like two. The best. I really wish for more of this slowness, although I am not quite sure how to find it in day-to-day life. 


Camila Faria :

Normandie seems to be one of those wonderful places frozen in time. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live a quieter life without such a hurry for everything.

Amazing pictures, especially the ones in the beach. <3

Anna :

Not jealous at all... ahem.... (I wanna go!!)

nicki storey :

I haven't been to France for ages, life for me passes slowly when trapped at work and passes in a flash when I have free time!

admirer :

absolutely amazing photoset!!!

Maja :

Thank you!

silvia - idiaridellalambretta :

stunning landscapes. i've been in france just once, i'd love to see more.

Sally :

Such gorgeous photos! I totally love France, haven't been in a while so must make a visit soon!
Just discovered your blog through Sparrow in Space - it's super lovely!

Barbara :

Normandie looks wonderful! I'd love to go one day

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