Aug 29, 2013

France is just always a good idea it seems. Our week in Normandy was nothing but absolute unwinding; reading fiction, eating amazing food, swimming in the ocean, walking, sleeping. I loved exploring the area, with its enchanted, castle like houses and massive cliffs stretching along the coast. For the first time in so long, time seemed to pass at a much slower rate. You know how as a kid the week before Christmas felt like a lifetime? Kind of like that, this week in France felt, but in a good way. Like, go on vacation for a week but it feels like two. The best. I really wish for more of this slowness, although I am not quite sure how to find it in day-to-day life. 

going on a trip and taking with me...

Aug 10, 2013
Tomorrow we leave for a mini vacation to France. There will be lots of sleeping, reading, walking by the beach and (if we're lucky with the waves) surfing. Also copious amounts of baguette, cheese and wine will be consumed, naturally. Above are some of the things I (wish to) have packed.
On top, my recently acquired pair of Ace & Tate sunglasses. They are just gorgeous and go well with my summer uniform of rompers and espadrilles. Of course good reading material is of the essence. As a big children's literature fan, I'm going to read Peter Pan (how pretty is this hardcover edition?) and a new-to-me magazine, Another Escape, full of inspiring stories, adventures and photographs.
 What's in your travel bag?