little gems.

Jul 6, 2013
1. Rewatching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset this week. The latest part in the trilogy, Before Midnight, just came out here, so I am hoping to go see it this weekend. So far, this story has me torn between becoming the ultimate romantic or a bitter cynic. I can't wait to see how it ends. Can you fall in love with movie characters?

2. Mint infused water. We have been drinking this nonstop. It helps that the mint is growing like weeds in our little garden. The only thing, it seems, that knows how to survive there. Adding frozen blueberries gives it a lovely purple tint and is a fun substitute for ice cubes.

3. Rekindling my love for Tennis. I used to play growing up, but over the years just didn't do it for no good reason at all. There is this free court in our neighbourhood and last week I went with a friend. It's not quite like riding a bike, but we had the best time! Hoping to go again soon.

4. Discovering Office Time. I mean, how did I not know about this until now? In case you've been living on the moon like me, it's a project management tool, tracking time you spend on tasks, automatically outlining invoices for said tasks and more. I am only using the basic features right now, but even that has already helped me work more efficiently now.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Anna :

Thanks for the Office TIme tip. I so realize how much I need that these days!

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