amsterdam: fair+fair.

Jul 29, 2013

In the space of an actual Amsterdam apartment on the canals, the attentively curated goods from Fair+Fair are spread about the respective rooms of this historical house. The kitchen is filled with delicate glasses, silverware, clay plates and all other trinkets one could need. A beautiful old stove makes you want to put all that kitchenware to good use right then and there. Close enough, they serve fair trade coffee and tea along with little snacks. Further along on the first floor, in the living room and bedroom, unusual textiles, blankets, pillows, candles and many more decorative items are displayed on handcrafted furniture. As the name suggests, all items are either traded fair, are ecologically produced, up- or recycled. Part of the profit gets reinvested in housing projects for the manufacturers, who mostly live in developing countries. For a change, we can actually do some good while shopping.  Have I mentioned that I want to live in this place? 

Herengracht 211
1016 BE Amsterdam
Open Tuesday-Sunday

amsterdam: sla.

Jul 17, 2013

Opening their doors just this week, the new salad bar, SLA, is already a big hit with the crowd. Having a look at the menu, it's no surprise really. From the most delicious salads, soups and fresh juices to great coffee (and they have a choice of almond milk, too!), you can get it all. Extra fun is the "make-your-own-salad" option; pick and choose from all the organic and locally sourced ingredients to concoct your own favourite salad creation.
Lucky me, the owners Nina and Jop asked me to do the food photography for SLA. One of the job perks was some on the spot taste testing. My tip: the roasted eggplant and organic buffalo mozzarella salad. It is out of this world!
Congrats Nina and Jop!

Mon-Sun 11.00 - 21.30
Ceintuurbaan 149, Amsterdam

gluten free roasted peach muffins.

Jul 15, 2013

We went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and I wanted to bring along a little treat. While researching a fool-proof brownie recipe, I stumbled upon this recipe from Sara. It looked too delicious to pass, so of course I ended up not only baking brownies but these muffins as well. And they are so, so good. And gluten free, too. (Never mind the baguette and croissant I'd had for breakfast that day.) I made some modifications to the original, roasting peaches instead of strawberries, using 1 cup almond meal and 1 cup oat flour and leaving out the chocolate chips. If you, like me, make them in a regular muffin pan instead of a mini muffin pan, just increase the baking time by a good 5 minutes. Find the original recipe here. Enjoy!

*a big thank you to my helping hand M.

amsterdam: restored.

Jul 10, 2013

Restored, on the lively Haarlemmerstraat north of the city centre, is shop and atelier in one. They collect and sell unique products, ranging from fashion, interior and accessories, from talented young designers. New talents get a platform to present their work to a wider public, and this sincere interest in people and their product is shown throughout the original and beautiful store. The products are manufactured with attention to detail and a focus on the handmade. Restored is a straight forward place, where the rule of ‘quality over quantity’ still applies. Also, they sell some of the funniest postcards I’ve ever seen. 

little gems.

Jul 6, 2013
1. Rewatching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset this week. The latest part in the trilogy, Before Midnight, just came out here, so I am hoping to go see it this weekend. So far, this story has me torn between becoming the ultimate romantic or a bitter cynic. I can't wait to see how it ends. Can you fall in love with movie characters?

2. Mint infused water. We have been drinking this nonstop. It helps that the mint is growing like weeds in our little garden. The only thing, it seems, that knows how to survive there. Adding frozen blueberries gives it a lovely purple tint and is a fun substitute for ice cubes.

3. Rekindling my love for Tennis. I used to play growing up, but over the years just didn't do it for no good reason at all. There is this free court in our neighbourhood and last week I went with a friend. It's not quite like riding a bike, but we had the best time! Hoping to go again soon.

4. Discovering Office Time. I mean, how did I not know about this until now? In case you've been living on the moon like me, it's a project management tool, tracking time you spend on tasks, automatically outlining invoices for said tasks and more. I am only using the basic features right now, but even that has already helped me work more efficiently now.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

amsterdam: gartine.

Jul 4, 2013

This is the first post in a new series about Amsterdam. I want to share my tried and true favourite spots in the city and challenge myself to keep exploring all the good stuff that's still out there.

Gartine is a charming little lunchroom that lies hidden in a dark alley between Kalverstraat and the Spui, near the central station. One small table with two chairs next to a few plants in wicker baskets creates the outside area. Inside, it is a small cozy place, the light doesn’t reach far. The aged wood furniture goes hand in hand with the old chandelier and oil paintings on the wall. Getting a table on short notice can be hard, so making reservations is highly suggested. Once seated though, you can enjoy an exquisite breakfast, brunch or high tea. The owners harvest their produce as freshly as possible from their own garden. This dedication and love for their work is apparent in the whole place, as well as throughout the pages of their beautifully styled cookbook, inspired by their dishes from Gartine. 

Wed-Sun from 10.00-18.00
Taksteeg 7/ 1012 PB Amsterdam
 0031-20 320 41 32

moodboard 01: fresh sophistication.

Jul 2, 2013
I decided to incorporate more of my working life on the blog. This is definitely a challenge, since I just started working for myself two months ago and still have to get into the full swing of things. There is so much to think of when running your own small business. I especially struggle with the project + time management side of things. I really admire all of you freelance folks out there! I'm sure I'll get there, eventually. Like with all new situations, you just need some time to adjust and don't forget to enjoy the bumpy ride along the way.

So, this moodboard. It is for a small business in the tourism industry and they wanted something fresh and young, yet sophisticated, with a feminine touch. I am in love with the colours, don't they just scream summer fun? What I wouldn't give for a poolside Sangria right now...
What do you guys think?

links to pictures can be found on my pinterest boards