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Jun 29, 2013

Hi guys, just a quick hello and a friendly reminder about Google Reader shutting down next Monday, July 1st.
If you like it here and want to keep reading sporadic posts about my weird little life, you can resubscribe via:
 • feedly, my new reader of choice (click the ‘Add Content’ in the top left hand corner, then just type in  www.mulipuli.com)
 • any other reader you like, by clicking the link to my RSS feed
 • or let's connect on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter

I sincerely apologize for the untypical post, but what can I say, I like you guys and would love for you to hang around. At least there is a picture of our living room table, where I spend most of my time eating and working, being hunched over my laptop because the chairs aren't back-friendly, but I don't want to get other ones. Now you know that too, aren't you glad?


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