cozy mornings.

Jun 22, 2013
While everyone was dancing in summer solstice, Amsterdam is greeting the start of summer in typical dutch fashion: buckets of rain and a ten degree drop in temperature.
However, on a Saturday morning with no place to be and no to-do lists to check off, I don't mind the rain one bit. It just means cozy sweaters, coffee on the stove, candles lit and chill music playing. Homemade jam and croissants don't hurt either. Have a beautiful weekend everyone.


Caroline :

Wow if I can just transport into this photo that would be perfect! x

Anna :

I hope your weekend was lovely :) I cant wait to see the pictures from your days in this cozy, little city. Miss u darling!

Maja :

Oh I miss you guys!
Caroline, come to Amsterdam! I'll make you coffee and croissants.
Anna, you too!!! Can't wait to catch up. it's been too long. way too curious how everything is going :)

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