the first day.

Jan 10, 2013
I've survived the first (and 2nd and 3rd) day. Although that sounds way negative. It is amazing here! Sure, completely crazy busy, noisy and chock full of people, but amazing nonetheless. School is intense in ways that make my brain go numb around midday, but my super nice class mates share these woes. So we sit in silence and enjoy our lunches together.
Basically, all is well friends. I am happy and excited about these coming three months. Although they almost wouldn't have happened due to a little incident at customs upon arrival at the airport. Have you ever heard of a SOP? Yeah, me neither. Well, according to said SOP the almost-bald officer at the airport could have sent me back to Germany. To cut this nightmarish (and on my end teary and sweaty) story short - the officer was nice, I used the phrases "Yes, Sir" and "Thank you, Sir" more then one should, he didn't put me on a plane back home, we grabbed our things and entered the US of A. Glorious.

*PhonePic of my First-Day-First-Ever-1$-pizza slice in the neighbourhood. Also glorious.


Jacqueline :

Glad you made it honey! I miss the city more than you would ever know, so I'm hanging on every word you say! Keep updating often, will you?

Alright and here is tip no.1:

Benny's Burritos
113 Greenwich Ave
(between 12th St & Jane St)
New York, NY 10014
Neighborhood: West Village

They have amazing and cheap Mexican food, chips ans salsa for free and the famous 3$-frozen-margharitas!

Go check it out guys, it's not touristy and really cool!

Love you loads!!!


Mannequin de Vitrine

nishaantishu :

I've had trouble with US customs on more than one occasion, and I have a Canadian and UK passport! They're so scary. Glad you came out of it all ok though :)

Juultje :

We spend an hour an half waiting in line to get in. 20 boxes, 4 for foreigners (incl. us) and 16 for the americans. Needless to say the foreign cue was 4 times bigger then for the american one...SOP, is that the green card thing?

You got in and fortunately you do not have to go back soon. Where are you staying at and what will you study?


Camila Faria :

SOP? I've never heard of it. I'm glad you've made it and that you found this amazing-looking $1 pizza slice! :)

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