happy new year.

Jan 1, 2013
Wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope you had fun celebrating with loved ones, enjoying great food and delicious drinks.
Thank you for reading and popping by this last year. I've met so many great people thanks to this little blog and it really has been such a happy experience.

Looking back at 2012, there is one realisation that stuck with me. My favourite moments of the past year were all centered around the small things in life. A walk in the rain, a picnic on the roof, a lunch with the whole family. So for next year (and always), I'll try to feast on the small things in life as often as possible, stop to smell the roses and eat french macarons just because. After all, one of my highlights was enjoying some cheese and champagne with my man whilst watching an episode of Downton Abbey.
Here's to that everyday kind of magic.


Ashely :

Thank the lord for Downton Abbey! Happy New Year to you!

little pink cakes :

Happy new year and all the best to you and your family!!!

PS: Downton Abbey, yeay!!!

Maja :

Love it that you guys are also Downton Abbey enthusiasts! :)

Christina :

Yes - and that's why I love your blog, a beautiful celebration of the little things! Heck, my blog name was inspired by just that, "cosas" means "things" in Spanish... Happy New Year!

Caroline :

Cheese and champagne - oh Maja, this really is the little joys that make life magical! How lovely! I hope you have a hundred thousand more moments just like this in 2013. And thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words :) xxx

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