the first day.

Jan 10, 2013
I've survived the first (and 2nd and 3rd) day. Although that sounds way negative. It is amazing here! Sure, completely crazy busy, noisy and chock full of people, but amazing nonetheless. School is intense in ways that make my brain go numb around midday, but my super nice class mates share these woes. So we sit in silence and enjoy our lunches together.
Basically, all is well friends. I am happy and excited about these coming three months. Although they almost wouldn't have happened due to a little incident at customs upon arrival at the airport. Have you ever heard of a SOP? Yeah, me neither. Well, according to said SOP the almost-bald officer at the airport could have sent me back to Germany. To cut this nightmarish (and on my end teary and sweaty) story short - the officer was nice, I used the phrases "Yes, Sir" and "Thank you, Sir" more then one should, he didn't put me on a plane back home, we grabbed our things and entered the US of A. Glorious.

*PhonePic of my First-Day-First-Ever-1$-pizza slice in the neighbourhood. Also glorious.

new york city.

Jan 6, 2013

Today, we are leaving for New York. ( and I am probably sitting on the plane being jumpy and nervous right now, bruising M's arm. Sorry schat!)
Between the holidays, saying goodbye to friends and families and organizing last minute things, there was not really a moment to spare to feel the jitters. But as I sit here just hours before heading out the door, with too much luggage than good for any one person, there is a definite murmur in my tummy. And in my fingers, I can feel it there, too. 
Usually I am someone to pack an adventure by the horns, this city though, fills me with respect. However, it won't stop me from trying my best to enjoy the hell out of those three months, exploring, eating, seizing days and most importantly learning and creating. See you from New York, friends!

*pretty picture found here

happy new year.

Jan 1, 2013
Wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope you had fun celebrating with loved ones, enjoying great food and delicious drinks.
Thank you for reading and popping by this last year. I've met so many great people thanks to this little blog and it really has been such a happy experience.

Looking back at 2012, there is one realisation that stuck with me. My favourite moments of the past year were all centered around the small things in life. A walk in the rain, a picnic on the roof, a lunch with the whole family. So for next year (and always), I'll try to feast on the small things in life as often as possible, stop to smell the roses and eat french macarons just because. After all, one of my highlights was enjoying some cheese and champagne with my man whilst watching an episode of Downton Abbey.
Here's to that everyday kind of magic.