it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Dec 8, 2012
It is December, my favourite month of the year. (How did that happen? Wasn't it just summer?)
Christmas cookie baking is in full swing, currently we are at eight different kinds. The city is decked in twinkly lights and the first snow has dusted the rooftops and trees. It is bitterly cold and the sun is hanging low, saying farewell at three in the afternoon. The Christmas markets are bustling with people, mulled wine and chestnuts. Classic Christmas tunes are playing in the background. I love it all.
But despite the coziness of Advent, big things have been happening here.

Two weeks ago, I finished my internship in Hamburg with a Food&Wine Magazine. It was a sad goodbye from friends, co-workers and the city I came to love so dearly, despite its rain and generally moody weather.
And then, there was the plan. The plan that was brewing since spring. The plan I was too scared to talk about, for fear of jinxing it. Not anymore. Deposits have been payed, plane tickets booked and quiet disbelieve is still in full force. In January, I will embark on one of my biggest adventures yet. M and I are going to New York. He will be continuing his amazing journalistic work and I will be starting a whole new chapter - Graphic Design.
It's the scariest and most exciting thing I've ever done. Without a doubt.

Before all the NYC craziness though, I fully intend to enjoy every moment with my lovely family and friends back home. 'Tis the season after all. On that note, back to the kitchen. These cookies need some more  powdered sugar.

*Friends, we are still on the hunt for a place to sublet in New York  from Jan-April. Endlessly grateful for any pointers! And coffee dates!!! How fun would it be to meet up?!


Juultje :

Oh wow, such a great adventure, you will enjoy it so much!!! Geweldig!!

Camila Faria :

How exciting! I think it's going to be an amazing adventure. Can't wait to hear all about it here. And these cookies look incredible!

Anna :

This is going to be the best time ever! Really hope to see you there, Maja!

nishaantishu :

Amazing! I've always wanted to go to NYC. I'm very jealous of your adventure.

Christina :

Happy to see you blogging again - I do enjoy your blog. That picture is mouthwatering. Enjoy your trip to NYC - what an adventure!

Maja :

You guys, thanks so much for your sweet words! It means the world to me! Can't wait to share my NY adventures with you all on here. So happy :)

Caroline :

Ooh how EXCITING for you!! What an adventure, and an amazing new year! Wishing you all the BEST. You should have a glance at my bloggy friend's guide to the city, it's all the little spots she's found there over the years!:
PS. And those biscuits look amaaaazing!! :) Merry Christmas!!

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