today I'm inspired #4

Oct 31, 2012
by the Oregon coast, the cold waves, the foraging of old driftwood, the making of a surfboard and upbeat music.
This video sums up all of the above and much more; Shwood did it again. If you're anything like me, it will leave you with a serious case of Wanderlust, making you want to hit the road for the trip of a lifetime. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, then comes their website This is Oregon.

Experiment No. 3 - Scrap Surf from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

It's settled, I have to relocate.

boating in amsterdam.

Oct 22, 2012

My absolute favourite pastime in Amsterdam is boating. From the river and canals, you have a completely different view on things, the city from another beautiful perspective. I will never tire of it.
This last outing happened in September, just after we'd returned from Russia. M. was taking me to the train station, which explains the luggage. Please excuse my rather unfortunate picture at the end, but I just had to share* my boating expertise.
(After much persuasion on my part, M. agreed to let me steer. Don't worry, no goose or human got hurt. This was a very wide stretch on the river. My skills are way too rudimentary to safely navigate the tiny canals of Amsterdam.)

*show off

a {sustainable} shopping trip through amsterdam.

Oct 15, 2012
This summer I went out to document my favourite spots and shops in Amsterdam. Then I wrote about it. And now you can read about it in the new issue of SisterMag. It is pretty rad to be contributing to such an inspirational magazine.
If you are ever planning to visit Amsterdam (which you should) then I cannot recommend those cozy eateries and beautiful shops enough. Have a look here to see them through my lens and find all the details.

exploring the caucasus.

Oct 6, 2012

You know the fun part about going to bed at 9.30pm on a Friday night? Waking up before 5am the next morning, having coffee and eggs before 6am and writing this post before it's even light out.
So after the wedding, the closer family and friends of the bride and groom went on to exploring the Caucasus. First stop was the Karachay–Cherkess Republic in the south of Russia, a beautiful mountainous region with Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain of Europe, sitting in the middle (who knew?! take that Mont Blanc). We stayed at some resort type hotel with hills around to explore, hike and lay in the sun. For the first time in my life I regret not being a car person and having taken pictures of them, because the owner of the resort had an old timer collection in the "driveway". People, I tell you it was crazy! Over 20 beautiful vintage cars, lined up just like other folks line up their miniature old timers on a shelf. Oh the pastimes of the idle rich.
We went on to the ski resort Dombay, looking at pretty glaciers, breathing in the cleanest air and becoming  acquainted with hoofed animals. Well, one of us did.
Meet my friend Muschiek. He's a Yak and I love him.