chocolate peanut bites with salted caramel.

Aug 21, 2012
Time to dust and open the windows of the old internets again.

Since we've last seen each other fun things occurred. I took the train home to Regensburg, have finally handed in my thesis (and am therefore done with uni!), celebrated this with friends and family, went to a beautiful wedding, took the train back to Hamburg and am now enjoying the life of a normal 9-6 working girl with time to play in the evenings and weekends. I like it.
There have been moments caught on camera that I'll share here bit by bit, starting with these chocolate peanut bites with salted caramel.
I (once again) used a recipe from Olivia, only substituting roasted peanuts for almonds, and they turned out delicious. However, they were quite soft and the shape didn't want to hold up so I had to add an extra step to the original recipe: dip them in melted chocolate. Well, it didn't hurt.
They reminded us of of fancy salted Snickers bites and where a big hit with the whole crew.


Olivia James :

gosh, these look delicious! haven't made them in so long! x

Theresa :

Oh my word! This looks so delicious and like such a sin at the same time ;)!!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails :

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want these so bad! i LOVE salted caramels and these look amazing

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

Maarten :

Okay, I know i'm prejudiced, but this stuff... this is crazy, truly mouthwateringly good. Have been nibbling on these for weeks on end when my babe was out of town...

Maja :


k8te :

these look amazing!

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