summer so far.

Jul 5, 2012
I've had a handsome visitor here for the last week. As usual, fun has been had.
We baked black and red currant cake to bring to a picnic, but the weather had other plans. Instead, we made it an indoor picnic and went for a walk in the rain. Jumping in puddles with bare feet and soaked bones included.
Every night around 8pm, an ice cream truck makes a stop in my neighbourhood. Hearing the music, we ran down the stairs, crossing the street, to be the first ones there. That night: Vanilla, Chocolate, Straciatella, Hazelnut. Classics never get old.

Summer could be a bit sunnier in these parts, but we've been enjoying the company, the new apartment and even the rain nonetheless.

P.S: We made this Quinoa Salad from Heidi. Incredible!


Juultje :

so nice to hear you had a lovely week!! pictures show the atmosphere pretty well..nice

Anna :

I love how you are making the best of it! :D lovely words and pictures! They always make me feel like I'm there with you!

MissKate :

Your photography is really beautiful.

Amanda Jane Jones :

love this post. :)

Maja :

Thank you all for your sweet words! They make me happier than you'd believe.

Magali :

Such nice photos, looks like you had a really great time. :)

Ana Cooks :

i just love the essence of your photography!

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