vegan carrot ginger cookies with olive oil.

Jun 12, 2012

After a few weeks on the road, I finally had the muse and the oven to bake again.
Out of necessity, without either eggs or butter in the house, I opted for vegan carrot oatmeal cookies. According to some suggestions, I added lemon zest, used olive instead of coconut oil, regular sugar and substituted almond slivers for walnuts.
They were not overly sweet, with a slightly earthy undertone from the olive oil. My friends and I finished them off in a, even for us, ridiculously fast pace.

Find the recipe on Heidi's blog, 101cookbooks.


Juultje :

looking good, nice to see you here again:-). Hope all is going well? Send me your new adress please??

Andrea :

The cookies sound delicious - I have to make them soon!

Annette [blick7] :

Oh la la, kann ich mir grad nicht wirklich vorstellen, würde ich aber liebend gerne probieren! LG, Annette.

Anna :

Looks delicious! And not so unhealthy either. I have to make one of these kind of snacks to not feel bad about snacking all the time :)

Maja :

Just give it a try. They taste amazing. I love baking with olive oil. In fact, the best granola recipe OF ALL TIME contains olive oil. check it out:

Maja :

Anna, true. haven't even thought about it this way...

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