tourist guilt.

Jun 1, 2012
On vacation and trips, I don’t usually do things according to standard. Whether that means, in Paris, spending more time in restaurants than in museums. In Indonesia, surfing and playing in the water for 5 weeks, without touching the ground of a single temple. In Andalusia, spending time with my friends, instead of exploring the insides of ancient churches.
teatea bagsOn occasion though, a rare phenomenon takes place. I like to call it „tourist guilt“. It's that small voice in your head, telling you what a model tourist would do: “Hey, you’re in a new place! Go out and walk around! How about a museum? Take pictures! Meet people!”
Usually I am really good at ignoring that voice and doing whatever I feel like instead. That was, until my visit to ’s-Hertogenbosch last month. I wanted nothing more than to sit in that cozy café at the corner and read my magazine, while waiting for M’s interview to finish.
But never before have I been struck with a more serious case of tourist guilt. So I gave up, put my camera around my neck and, grudgingly, started walking. 
With every corner I turned, with every photograph I took, my contentedness grew. Finding bright red berries hiding in bushes and stumbling upon an old man, fishing in the canals.
A two-hour walk through the streets of Den Bosch later, I did sit down in a quiet café overlooking the canals and pondered the experience. Looking down at my camera full of new pictures, I just felt happy.
At odd times, it can be worth giving in to the “tourist guilt”. After all, you will be rewarded with an adventure, entering the threshold of a new city with all its novelty and secrets still before you, waiting to be uncovered. ---

Have you ever experienced "tourist guilt"?


A Charmed Life :

Das Bild mit der Brücke und dem Angler ist toll!

Und nach den Bosch wollte ich auch schon immer mal. Sieht echt nett aus.

Bis bald ;) Maja

Juna :

ach, auch hier hast du deine umgebung nicht als tourist gesehen, denke ich. ein tourist hätte diese bilder nie eingefangen. ein neuer ort ist doch immer dort am schönsten, am authentischsten, wo das leben der eigentlichen bewohner spielt. genau das hast du aufgespürt und in wirklich wundervolle bilder verpackt. schön. :-)

herzensgrüße von juna

Maja :

Maja, da ist es echt unglaublich schön. Überall Restaurants mit Außensitzen und gutem Essen.

Mensch Juna, danke für deine lieben Worte!

Anna :

These are wonderful! Definitely made it worth to give in to the tourist guilt. I have photographers guilt going on, usually all the time, so I do know how it feels! And it really feels good giving into it sometimes :)

Juna :

liebe maja! danke für deinen kommentar auch auf meinem blog. ich glaube, du bist bei gruner+jahr, oder? gute wahl übrigens :-) ich arbeite beim PRINZ im jahreszeiten verlag. wie lange bist du noch in hamburg? vielleicht kann man mal gemeinsam kochen oder backen? :-)

alles liebe

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures :

I used to get this so badly on every single one of my trips. Thankfully, the guilt is pretty minimal now, since I told myself if I miss something that's just a great excuse to return!

Maja :

Andi, that's a great way of looking at it. Should start doing that, too!

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