Jun 27, 2012
Originally, this post was titled "nesting", showing my efforts to making me feel more at home in my room. Things have changed though, and today will mark the last day in my first appartment here in Hamburg. This move was of the unexpected, scary kind that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
You see, my landlord told me I had to move out on VERY short notice. On even shorter notice, I did manage to find an appartment in a much nicer area, closer to my friends, with more room, for the same price. So, if he hadn't forced me out I would have never started looking myself and had never stumbled on the new place. Sometimes things really happen for a reason.
Farewell first room. I will miss your big window, but not much else.


Anna :

I love it how you take the news so easy. My boyfriend just got the same news a couple of days ago, and we don't know exactly what to do with it. I'm so glad that it turned out for the better :) I'm sure you'll have a perfect and cozy space wherever you move! I love your style on these photos :)

A Charmed Life :

Ui, das ging ja wirklich fix? Biste jetzt näher an der Stadt?

Das Kinfolk würd ich mir gern irgendwann mal ausleihen. Die horrenden Liefergebühren haben mich bisher abgehalten, mir selbst ein Exemplar zu bestellen.

Liebe Grüße, Maja

Juultje :

I am not liking your old landlord, kicking you out like that! :-)

On the bright side, turned out for the better.

Camila Faria :

That's fantastic! Sometimes we need a little push to move forward, right? Good luck with your new place!

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