how to: make elderflower syrup {with vanilla}.

Jun 18, 2012
My Mama is the kind of resourceful woman, who can create everything out of nothing. When we went for walks during the summer months, here and there she would pick greens, flowers and berries, just from the side of the road, and the next day, with her pickings in hand, she'd make some magic in the kitchen. Like this elderflower syrup.

At this time of year, you can find elderflower literally everywhere. Near rivers, in parks, on the road side; just keep an eye out. A tip, only pick the freshest flower heads and leave the ones past their prime. Also, pick on more than one spots, so the bush will have enough flowers left to spread itself and grow berries (for juice!) later in the year.
Elderberry syrup can be used in many ways. We always make lemonade by adding a splash of syrup to a glass of water (or coconut juice).
But who's to say you can't pour some in your drink? Vodka Elderflower sounds intriguing. To go with a classic "Hugo", as we call it in Germany, mix equal parts sparkling water and prosecco, add a splash of elderflower syrup, some mint leaves and a lime slice. It is a most refreshing and delicious drink for the summer time.

Recipe for Elderflower Syrup
from my Mama

1 organic lemon
~ 500 g sugar (although I just winged it and used a bit less)
500 ml water
~ 15 elderflower heads
1 vanilla bean (see variations)

Wash lemon and cut in slices. Put sugar and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for a bit, then set aside to cool. In a clean glass jar, put in lemon slices and elderflower heads and pour syrup on top.
Covered, let it steep for 2-3 days on a cool spot (I put it in the fridge) and stir occasionally.
Strain through a sieve or cheese cloth and bring to a quick boil once more. Still hot, pour in clean bottles or jars. Store in the fridge.

*Variation 1: you can also add the lemon slices in the beginning and let boil with the water. This will result in a somewhat more bitter flavour. I  prefer it this way.
*Variation 2: slice a vanilla bean in half, scrape out seeds and add both to boil with the water. Leave in to steep.
Let me know if you like it. Do you use elderflower syrup in your kitchen?


A Charmed Life :

I make elderflower jelly. This time of year when we walk our dogs I tent to say "look at all the jelly up there in the bushes" to my boyfriend ;)

I've never made syrup though. Maybe I should try it once.

Maja x

Maja :

Haha, Maja. That's great.

Miss B. :

I'm so glad you did this. I've been wanting to know how to do it!

Tania :

Love this! I am obsessed with Elderflower! My dad makes it too.. every summer! So refreshing and yummy! x

Anna :

I can't believe your Mama thought you how to make elderflower syrup. I'm over the moon about it. Love the thought of making my own and adding some delicious vanilla to it!

Maja :

Brittany, let me know when you try it! Curious :)

Anna, it's sooo easy. You just have to be patient...usually not my strong suit. Sometimes it's worth it though ;)

Rebekka Seale :

Not yet! But now I want to. I, drink...a lot of Saint Germain, thought!


Ariel Tyler :

Ohh! Love this!

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