we were evergreen.

May 27, 2012
Oh, I just love them!
We Were Evergreen is a quirky Parisian Trio with beautiful chemistry, creating the dreamiest happy-music ever. Some friends and I saw them live in Amsterdam, after they couldn't make it to this festival on an island due to turbulent weather. Honestly, I can't remember the last time a band made me fall in love with their music like this. Ukulele, Xylophones and lots of smiles!
Oh, it's just so fun!
Get to know them a bit in the first video and have a listen, if you want.


Scrapbella :

Oh wie cool, vielen Dank für den Tip. Werde gleich mal nachsehen wann man die nächste Gelegenheit hat die drei mal live zu sehen. Das Musikvideo macht so viel Spaß, bekomme das grinsen gar nicht aus dem Gesicht;)
Viele Grüße, Scrapbella ...die passende Geschenkidee!

Maja :

Freut mich, dass es dir auch gefällt!

Juultje :

oh I love it!!! First it made me think a bit of Nouvelle vague, seeing the video. So cute the different sounds they use...perfect music for the summer

Courtney :

Thanks for the introduction to this band!

A Charmed Life :

They sound like Boy, don't you think so?

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