a fun DIY idea: upcycling old book covers

Apr 6, 2012
For my mom's and brother's birthday two weeks ago, we went to a new to me restaurant.
It is located on a hill, a bit outside the city. From their garden, you have the best views of the surrounding forest and river.
The restaurant "Am Schloßberg" is family owned and serves local, organic food. Nothing fancy or crazy. Simple, amazingly tasty dishes. They also did a great job decorating the place. In every corner you saw unique little details, pretty flowers and furniture with history. It made me feel right at home.
One of my favorite things, were these old book covers, serving as menus. As much as it pains me, thinking about actually breaking the back of a book, this is such a cool idea. Especially for flea market finds, or old books that have fallen to pieces around the house.
So, this isn't technically a DIY post, since I don't have any instructions for you. But, as far as I can see, it goes a little something like this:

1) Take old hardcover book.
2) Tear out pages and use them for crafts, sketching or writing notes on them.
3) Break back of the book.
4) Insert your own pages.
5) Secure everything with little screws.

I would love to see, if any of you've done something similar. Maybe, also with better instructions...
Can't wait to try, making a photo album like this.


Casperdarin :
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Charissa :

Oh my word. I LOOOOOVE this idea, SO MUCH. I'm certain I will be trying this...

What I have done in the past for a book I liked...is tear out some of the pages and then scrapbook OVER some the pages. This makes up for the thickness of the pages you ripped out. It's so pretty!

Anna :

I really love the homemade look for the menus! I will definitely try that out with the best of my sketches!

Juultje :

I love the menus, but I agree..not so sure either. Maybe if I would find only the covers, so it wouldn' t be me ripping up a book..:-)

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