easter weekend in a farmhouse.

Apr 11, 2012
We spent Easter in the countryside, somewhere in the Netherlands. The place was called Waarland, which literally means "where land". The farmhouse we stayed in was beautiful and days were spent cooking, baking, eating, playing games, walking on the beach, cycling and dancing. Mostly eating, though.


Anna :

The table is so beautifully decorated, and the atmosphere is breathtaking. I'm turning a little green over here, but also happy you had a delightful Easter!

Caroline Cakewise :

You seem to lead such a beautiful life!! Your decor and food... so amazing. I'm very jealous-my best friend is from the netherlands and I cannot WAIT to visit her there!! Thanks for the extra inspiration! :) xx

Maja :

Anna, thank you :) Soon you'll be in Lisbon, and I'll constantly be green then....

Caroline, it's great here! You should try to come to Amsterdam for Queensday on April 30th. It's amazing!

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