a chair makeover.

Apr 16, 2012
In Amsterdam, people just seem to put things they don't want anymore on the streets. Right on the sidewalk. Next to the streetlamps. Then, the city comes to pick it up and throws it away.
I have seen clothing items, lamps, chairs, sofas, bed frames... You name it, you can find it somewhere in my neighbourhood.
The other day, I saw a chair. It was not pretty, but in good condition. My boyfriend was rather skeptical when I came home with it, but I had grand plans. After some fabric and paint shopping, I went to work on it last weekend.

I especially love the fabric with its cute olive and radish print.

What do you guys think?


Anna :

Wow! It's perfect. It looks so fresh compared to before :D Your the next Goodwill Hunting. I can tell!

Juultje :

oh wow..so nice. How did you do the fabric? I know, here as well. if you look wel, you can find nice stuff.

Maja :

Julie, the seat comes off. So I just stapled the fabric onto the frame, at the backside of the seat.

haha, Anna. We'll see ;)

Jacqueline :

this is gorgeous darling!!! I redid my sideboard (you have seen it before, haven't you?)and it is so much fun! let's go to the flea market soon and find some rough diamonds!

xoxo, Jackie

Mannequin de Vitrine

Maja :

Jackie, I have seen it before and it looks great! We should definitely head out to the flea market soon!! Fun!

blogmadeonearth :

it's looks like a brand new chair! love it! :)
how did you aplly the fabric?

Maja :

Carol, the seat comes off. So I just stapled the fabric onto the frame, at the backside of the seat.

Chez Chouke :

It's lovely! Thanks for your comment on my yellow bench, you can find vintage ones on www.marktplaats.nl under the name 'telefoonbankje'. And then paint it of course....

Kate :

It looks great! I love that print :)

Diana Mieczan :

Oh boy, you did such a great job with the chair. It looks beautiful:) Well done. Kisses

Maja :

Thanks Diana :)

Maja :

Kate, it is really cute, no?

Camila Faria :

WOW, you did a great job Maja! Who knew that old chair would look so cute? Love it. ♥

the best part of my day... :

Ummm - love this. So adorable. You made that chair new again..

Maja :

Thanks Camila!!!
Already working on the next ;)

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