sunset at the beach.

Mar 16, 2012

The other night, we packed up a few supplies and headed to the beach, to enjoy the sunset. People were playing the guitar and jumping in the ocean.
Rum never tasted so sweet.


Daisy :

oh Spain, how i love thee! nice job capturing this sunset.

Maja :

Thanks Daisy!

Juultje :

the beach, the sun...can I say I am a little envious of you:-) Enjoy!!!

Maja :

Thanks Julie. Spring is around the corner in Amsterdam though, too!?
I will be there at the end of march!!!!

Anna :

gasp! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!! oh.. and it looks sooo warm. San Fran is freezing. But hey... I'm not going to complain.

Lemanie :

How gorgeous!! =)

Maja :

Lemanie it really was :)

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