Mar 2, 2012
After dropping M. off at the airport this morning, I drove on to spend a day in Munich with my friends. We enjoyed a lunch in the park, with the sun shining on our noses. Then, we made and bought pretty jewelry.

We had coffee and cookies and went for a stroll at Schloss Nymphenburg. The light was beautiful and only made everything look even more magical.

It was a bitter sweet day. Saying goodbye to one love and spending the rest of the day with two of my others.


Dave :

da war ich schon mal laufen !

Maarten :


Maja :

Dave, seit wann läufst du? Lass uns am Sonntag gehen!!

Beth :

Beautiful shots, and as the pictures show, the sun is still shining. All the brighter when you see your dear M again.

Maja :

Thank you Beth!

Schokozwerg :

Oh, da habe ich mal in der Nähe gewohnt ... vor ganz schön langer Zeit ... Danke für diese Impressionen! Viele Grüße :)

Anna :

Oh! Can I have a piece of your life, please? Living in such idyllic surroundings would make me so happy. I hope you and M and your friends had a great time together.

The jewelry is so pretty. I've always liked the symbol of that hand. It's from Islam isn't it? Pretty :)

Maja :

Anna, yes! The symbol is called Hand of Fatima or Hamsa and used as a sign of protection...

Lily. :


Du machst ja echt tolle Fotos! Da bin ich gleich Leserin geworden! Welche Kamera benutzt du?

Liebe Grüße,

P.S. Vielleicht möchtest du ja auch mal bei mir vorbeisehen? ♥ -> marmeladenglastage.blogspot.com

Lily. :

Hallo zum 2. Mal heute! :D

Du hast einen Blogaward von mir bekommen. :)
Hier die URL zu dem Bild, da man auf meinem Blog nicht kopieren kann:

Dir einen schönen Abend!
x Lily

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