locks of love.

Mar 6, 2012
On the bridge next to my house, an interesting trend has been going on for a few years now. Very rarely spotted in the beginning, they now appear in masses. The Love Locks.
I don't remember exactly, when it all began, but nowadays it seems to be all the rage to hang up an engraved lock on the day one gets married. Every time I cross the bridge and walk past the locks of love, I find it amusing how such a trend develops. It probably started with a young couple in love and an old lock they found somewhere at home. They scratched their initials in the metal and hung it on their favorite spot to watch the sunset. Now, couples buy a flashing lock and have it professionally engraved to hang it next to the literally thousand other ones.

Is it still romantic?


Beth :

I think it's sweet. It's nice to see that there is love in the world. What happens, though, when the love dies? Does the woman scorned take a hacksaw to her lovely lock? That, I'd like to see. :)

Juultje :

love the idea!! Pretty pictures. So original

Maja :

Haha, me too, Beth! I will have to be on the look out for angry women, hanging around the bridge with heavy tools.

Jacqueline :

I love the idea behind it and I will do so on my wedding day -but wer will engrave it ourself, of course! :)

Anna :

These are everywhere nowadays. I encountered a bridge with tons. I still find them a little romantic though :) Do you and M have one there?

Maja :

Anna, no we dont. M is not the biggest fan I think :)

the best part of my day... :

Love this...have seen this in Paris as well. Such a wonderful way to express love for someone...

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