on my way to work.

Feb 20, 2012
On Saturday mornings, when the sun starts rising, I cross three bridges and go to work in the cutest little café. MEA.
I can honestly say that I love working there. I know most customers by name, my boss and co-workers have become good friends and we have the best homemade cakes. It is lovely and feels like my second home.


Anna :

What a stunning city you live in! And what a cozy little cafe! You lucky girl :)

A Charmed Life :

Da weiß ich ja, wo ich dann mal hin muss, wenn ich mal wieder in der alten Heimat bin ;)

Schöne Fotos btw.!

Lieben Gruß, Maja

design elements :

schoene Fotos! lg


Caroline Cakewise :

Oh my, that first photograph! I am very envious of you -- what a beautiful, beautiful start to the day.[Ps. Secondhand fur can be as low as £30-40 on eBay!! ;)]

Maja :

Yes, come visit everyone! There are plenty of places to go, have coffee and cake, and chat!!! :)

Juultje :

Beautifull pics!!

Annette :

Liebe Maja,
jetzt seh ich erst diesen tollen Post. Die Bilder lassen mein Herz höher schlagen!
Und im MEA werden wir jetzt bald mal unseren "Stammtisch" haben. Klingt toll - kannte ich nicht!
LG, Annette

Ping :

My friends always find me in cafes and I tell them it's my second home. I love your pics and yes, of course, the first one. So magical! Not a lot of people like their jobs but you have such a sweet spirit. Wouldn't mind making MEA my second home, lol!

the rabbit :

Regensburg ♥

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