homemade chocolate aka chocolate almond bark.

Feb 12, 2012

This recipe is fabulous, if you need a last minute Valentine's gift for the chocolate lovers in your life (that includes yourself, of course).
I tried to find the English term for "Bruchschokolade" on Google. All it came up with was "broken chocolate", which sounds a bit odd, don't you think? So, for the remainder of the post, I'll go ahead and call it homemade chocolate.
I just love the rustic look of homemade chocolate, broken into big chunks. Besides, it only takes ten minutes to make. That's a winner in my book. Even better, you can go completely nuts with toppings and let your chocolate-creativity run free. You can make your own chocolaterie-display-worthy deliciousness,  for a fraction of the price. Convinced yet? Ok!

Homemade (Broken) Chocolate

200 g of good quality chocolate  (I often use the leftovers from my baking adventures. Great way to use them up!)
Add ins of your choice; think: nuts, dried fruit, coconut flakes, puffed rice...

Put chopped chocolate in the top part of a double broiler and let melt slowly. Around christmas, I love to add some cinnamon and chili at this point. Pour melted chocolate on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Now comes the fun part. Put your favourite nuts, seeds or dried fruit on top. Anything goes!
For this recipe, I used roasted almonds and coarse sea salt.
Let your creation dry on the baking sheet, then roughly brake into smaller pieces. Done!

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Juultje :

yum!!!!! Great and simple

Maja :

suuuper simple, Julie!

the best part of my day... :

We call this almond bark....sooooo delish! It looks like yours turned out perfectly. I'll be right over for a piece ;-)

Maja :

aah, good to know! Almond bark sounds much better :)
Hurry up, not much left!

Lidiya :

The chocolate looks absolutely delicious <3

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